Is it time to eat, or is there no more time to eat Graduation Project, 2019, Rotterdam

The Rumour Camp, 2019, part of Timeline Gallery project, Groningen

The Happiness Project, 2018, part of Timeline Gallery project, Groningen

Temporary Autonomous Bureau, 2018, TENT Gallery, Rotterdam

XPPL, XPUB, 2018, Rotterdam

Over/Under and CarlAndre software experiments, part of OuNuPo, XPUB, 2018, Rotterdam


Unpacking Gender Roles, 2019, Piet Zwart Institute, Rotterdam

Book Scanner Buildup, 2019, ERG, Brussels

Py.Rate.chnics session, a DIWO future food cooking workshop, Piet Zwart Institute, 2019 Rotterdam

Zine Machines Workshop, 2018, part of Spread Zinefest, Sign, Groningen

Automation of Autonomy, A computer generated slogan workshop, TENT, 2018, Rotterdam

Stop being an instrument and play your own songs, a performance based on computer generated slogans, TENT, 2018, Rotterdam

Anomalous Institutions, a talk and discussion series, TENT, 2018, Rotterdam

XPPL workshop, Pirate Library development and usage, Leeszaal West, 2018, Rotterdam


Upsetting Settings, Collected Works, Graduation Thesis, XPUB, 2019, Rotterdam

Upsetting Settings Catalogue, XPUB, 2019, Rotterdam

Over/under zine, displayed at the Grrrls Tech Zine Fair, Gaîté Lyrique, 2019, Paris

Temporary Autonomous Bureau Zine, displayed at TENT Gallery, 2018, Rotterdam

Techno/Cyber/Xeno-Feminism Reader, XPUB, 2018, Rotterdam

A Bed, a Chair and a Table, XPUB, 2017, Rotterdam